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30th Annual Governor's Cup Yacht Race
Aug 01/02, 2003

The annual Governor's Cup race starts in Annapolis and terminates at St. Mary's City, Maryland.  These photographs were taken on 02-Aug-2003 in St. Mary's City.  Click on the thumbnails to see the larger image.

Photo Finish: This sequence shows one boat crossing the finish line just off of Church Point.  The finish line is marked by the tall mast on the Maryland Dove.  The third image is the actual finish as the two masts line up.

Download a 2 minute Video!
The video is in Real Video format and is approximately 4.5MB

Sailors coming up the St. Mary's River between St. Inigoes Creek and Church Point.

The Maryland Dove marks the official finish line.  A horn was sounded as the main mast of the racer passed the main mast of the Dove.

A boat approaching the finish line.

Another boat just past the finish line.

Hmmm, the sails aren't hoisted as this boat crosses the finish line.

Securing the boat after finishing the race.

Several boats anchored at St. Mary's City.

The early arrivers got the best parking spots.

Boats tied up at the docks.  These docks are normally used for the St. Mary's College saliboats.

Hanging out after the race.

Hanging out after the race.

Some high tech sailing inventory.

Hanging out by the docks.

This was a common sight after the race.  After sailing all night, some sleep was of the essence.

Heading home after the race using  gasoline power.


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